Time Management - Stop wasting time!


Why introduce another tool for time management? You have one of the most powerful tools ever created and chances are you don't even use half of the features. Let us help you get back on track.

Life-time management

Too many time management courses only concentrate on work and not personal. If you're struggling personally it will affect work. Both need to be sorted.

Customized training

To increase your productivity forever we teach you clear and basic rules, customised to your individual needs, that are practical so the process fits into your life not the other way round.


Control your email and stop using your inbox as a dumping ground. Structuring good folders and creating rules for email to be automatically filled is critical in saving time.


Use your calendar correctly for physical actions only. To many people put tasks in their calendar which make them feel overwhelmed.


To do lists with due dates don't work. Categorise tasks by phyiscal location and importance is the only option. We'll also teach you how to trust others and delegate tasks in a clear and simple way.


Are your contacts in a Rolodex? We'll show how to scan business cards to Outlook, sync them to your phone and then teach you all the tricks on how to manage them well.

Desk and filing

Make your space work better for you by separating supplies, reference material, tasks and decorations. Mixing categories can cause a lot of headaches.

Smart phone

Synchronise all of this to your smart phone so no matter where you are you have everything with you.