Microsoft Excel - You have the tools to be successful!

Excel training

Excel is simple to use, yet not simple to master. Excel is such an important tool in business that unless it is mastered it will remain an under-utilised resource for both you and your business.

Customized Training

You can design your own course, or let us come in and assess your needs. Our aim is to not only teach your staff new features, but also boost their productivity with time saving tips and tricks.

Everything provided

We come to you and run the entire course within Excel as we find exercise books a waste of time. We bring all the laptops and the instructor visually provides step-by-step instructions via a projector, while the attendees follow along.

How Good Are You?

You don't know what you don't know. Excel is so big most people have no idea how good they are. When we look at your files we'll be able to customize the course to fill the holes in your foundation then build straight up.

Course Material

Afterwards all course material is individually emailed to each attendee. Our personalised training "breaks the ice" so attendees are not intimidated to contact us. Our course encourages a passion for Excel not the frustration for Excel that most people feel.

Bring It On

We are the Excel geeks to end all Excel geeks. We love to train other geeks but more importantly we are great at training normal humans which most Excel geeks struggle with.


Our goal is to not only up-skill each attendee but to energize their work. We do this by making the course down to earth and practical. We place a great emphasis on productivity while also having fun.

Free phone support

Each group has one hour of free phone support. Someone you can contact during that crucial phase when you really need a problem solved or to be pointed in the right direction.

Feedback and quality

Evaluation forms are given to each attendee to complete after the course. These are then compiled with our notes on the attendee and discussed with their manager afterwards.